Do you want to learn more about Ontario’s invertebrates in an up-close and interactive way? Then let Inverte-Logic come to you so that we can showcase what Ontario’s invertebrates have got to offer! 

What can I expect from a show?

Outreach shows are 60 minutes in length and showcase live and preserved invertebrates found within Ontario. We cover topics such as the basics of invertebrates, information about the invertebrates, and sustainable solutions involving them. The kind of invertebrates and content of the shows can be customized based on what you would like to see.

Who are these shows for?

These shows are for people of all ages, we tailor our shows for each audience so that the information is relevant to them. We provide services to everybody from universities to day camps. 

How much does a show cost?

$175 including tax.

Ready to Book?

If you would like to book a show, then contact Shelby Paxton at:


Phone: 437-345-0447

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